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Kibera Black Stars

Nairobi / Kenya

A winning team, a role model, the pride of a community

Kibera Black Stars Football Club

Kibera | Nairobi | Kenya



★ THE best football team in Kibera, the only club of the area that is playing in the nationwide level
★ The flag bearer of the biggest slum in Kenya, creating a real positive dynamic around its sport success
★ Motivated teams of young players who take the seniors as models, through a serious project towards responsibility of the youth
★ An association that is not only about football but also about using sport as a tool for a social integration
★ A base for various projects beyond the football pitch aimed at improving living conditions for an entire community
★ A club that has the ambition to become a great sport academy

Let’s win together! Let’s shine together!

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On agenda +

 KIbera Black Stars Vs. Shabana

5th week of 2018.19 NSL season
 Camp Totoyo (Jericho area)

The club

This great human adventure started some years ago...

The senior team

29 players take part of the 2018.19 NSL season More details are yet to come about the new team. From left to right = (...)

A football academy

In the long term, Black Stars FC / Slumsoka and its partners could engage in such a way that sports and education will link (...)

The Board and the Technical Staff

10 officials elected in the Board are running the affairs of the club. KBS has been officially registered as a society. The (...)

Many actions in the slum

Football is a very nice way to improve the conditions of life of many people: The members of the club of course, but also (...)

The matches

The matches of the KBS in 2019

KBS in the French Embassy

It was a great pleasure to launch officially the 2018.19 season in the French Embassy on Thursday 28th November 2018 Some (...)

The 2019 NSL season

The new 2019 NSL season started on 2nd of December 2018. We hope that we will have a first leg as good as in last season Then (...)

KBS in Brazil

Luis Nachbin is a brazilian journalist. He made a first documentary about KBS in 2014. He came back to Nairobi in October (...)

season 2018

Our results and our standings in 2018 The Black Stars success story = the pride of Kibera! The 2018 NSL (second tier) (...)

The press

The media are talking a lot about KBS

KBS in the press

Let’s shine with the Black Stars, the pride of Kibera ! We are visible on Kenyan TV Most of our 2017 and 2018 NSL home (...)

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