The actions of the association "A Human Rainbow" in Nigeria

This association, created by Luc Lagouche, the director of Buffalo FC, chose the home town of his cook Reuben, to begin a project of rural development.
This village, called Etteh, is located in Enugu State, in the southeast of Nigeria, in a region populated mostly by the idoma ethnic group.

It is about the rehabilitation of the water supply in the village.
Indeed, the installations which existed in the village before were very dilapidated. Pipes and reservoirs could'nt be used any more. The women had to get up in the middle of the night, climb by a small difficult path up to the remote spring in the top of a mountain, queue up to fill their basins (the pressure of the water being very weak), then come down with their heavy load on the head.

We thus decided to recondition pipes and reservoirs.
The water then became more accessible and can be stored during the night, what reduces considerably the time lost during the long walking and during  the filling of the pots.
This project allows reducing considerably the duties of the women.
They have henceforth more time to take charge of their house and their children.
Some even take advantage of this new free time to take care of a small workshop providing incomes for the family.
Their small daughters, who used to accompany them to fetch the water, can now more easily go back to school...

Women taking water from the new reservoir

The financing of the water project was covered by the contributions of the members of the association and by the fund raising activities within the French school of Kano. Indeed, a painting exhibition of local artists and a raffle were organized. Profits were given to the association.
The villagers were also mobilized with the help of the local authorities. So the project was the project of everybody around , not a simple charity action for non active recipients who could just sit and watch

 Here above is a small example of a micro project which was realized with the support of the association " A Human Rainbow ".
Other projects can also be achieved in the future, as the renovation of the school and rehabilitation of the small health centre in the village, to improve still a little bit more the conditions of life of the children and their families...

Just let us help them together today for a better tomorrow...

Chidren carrying home some pots full of water  for the daily needs

The opening ceremony of the small dispensary in the village

Children in front of the primary school in a very bad shape

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Thank you in advance for your precious contribution...