This great human adventure started some years ago..

Kibera Black Stars Football Club is located in the famous slum of Kibera in Nairobi. It was initiated in 1987. It was formally registered as a sport association in 1998. Initially, it was a team which only participated in local tournaments during school holidays so as to keep the youth busy during the vacation period. Later, Kibera Black Stars was formally registered to play in the FKF LEAGUE in 2009 and since then, they have managed to have a steady rise. In 2014, they topped their group in the Nairobi Provincial League, the highest level in Nairobi County for the 1st time of the history of the club.

We are now the only team of the entire area to play in Nationwide level in 2015. We are proud to have become THE BEST FOOTBALL TEAM in all KIBERA…

Our club starts to be exposed in the media: The most famous sport magazine in France "L'Equipe Magazine" made a 10 pages documentary about the KBS / Slum Soka on April 4th 2015!

See this very interesting article (in French language) on fr.calameo.com/read/004279399c0be1eec75a9

The initial objectives...

Everybody in Kenya knows Kibera, a dirty place with a reputation of violence, drug dealers and crimes. But many good things happen there too. Black Stars FC is one among them…

As a community club, it has been coming up with activities that aim at: 

-       enhancing community development,

-       harnessing ethnic unity and solidarity among the youth of Kibera, using soccer as a launching pad,

-       maturing young talent in football through a serious youth policy in all the teams,

-       making people work together in eradicating vices in the community including violence, alcoholism and drug abuse,

-       working with well wishers to support programs in health and education for the benefit of the whole community,

-       Engaging in income generating activities and creating employment opportunities for the youth in the community,

-       Sourcing / soliciting for funds from members, well wishers and donors.

Different fields of action 

Through its performances, Black Stars has gradually grown up from small local tournaments to the Provincial Nairobi League then National level in 2015. The ultimate target in sports is to reach the PREMIERE LEAGUE, the top of the football in Kenya. More than a sports success, the real success is for the players coming mostly from the less privileged parts of Nairobi, a real personal achievement; the reward for their efforts is to be well recognized by all at last as an example that other young people are ready to follow. The present success in sports doesn’t make the founders of the club forget that the initial idea of this community club still remains: sport, as a factor for social integration and personal responsibility.

Kibera Black Stars has gradually entered into a partnership with another sport and social association  that focuses more on kids and young teenagers: the Slum Soka.

The sport achievement of the Black stars / Slum Soka is in fact part of a larger project, happening in the popular area of Kibera, in Nairobi.This project is articulated in interdependent modules that have been gradually implemented, based on the financial means available.

The 4 areas of activity are: Sport,  Social development, Medical, Education and communication

The specifical objectives are:

1-    Topping National division 1 League then get promotion into the Super League (= League 2),

2-    Developing through sports a maximum number of young people from less privileged areas, and enable them to play in the local sports competitions,

3-    Improve the level of education of the players, by supporting the school activities of the students, by helping them in their homework, by putting in place various courses outside the school, French classes, some cultural and artistic workshops, some professional training…

4-    Follow up tightly their health, provide proper treatments, improve the conditions of hygiene at home and make prevention,

5-    Gather young people from different cultures and different religions together in the same project, without any form of discrimination,

6-    Enable young people become socially integrated by offering them an alternative to bad influences. 

The recipients 

1-    The 125 players of the 6 teams: Seniors + Feeders (in KBS), U17 + U15 + U13+U10 (in Slum Soka),

2-    The staff of the club included 6 coaches and 10 other officials,

3-    The families of the players benefit from the income of the players and such funds are used by families, for example, to settle the accommodation expenses and to assist the younger ones in their education,

4-    The fans follow both trainings and matches and take advantage from the dynamics generated around the club, to support the team in a socially under favored, difficult and low motivating environment; they also benefit from the social projects,

5-  The community in Kibera have realized that Kibera's image has improved tremendously through the success of Black Stars / Slum Soka. Indeed, the place was known before for the insecurity, the violence and the crimes. Now, the place is more recognized for its football team, a model to be followed by many young people living all around...

You can see our future projects by clicking here: Our projects

KBS wants to change the image of Kibera

Football used as a social stepping pad - Keep it up boys, u will do it!

Kids and teenagers from different origins all together in a great project

Yes, believe me, I'm a future Black Star!