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The 2018 NSL (second tier) kicked off 10th February. Very good start then it became tougher as expected...

Beginning of the 2019 NSL season: Mid December...

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The last 3 years were wonderful for the KBS: 
The club was on top of their group in the Nairobi Provincial Level from the beginning to the end of the 2014 league. We were promoted to the nationwide level for the 1st time of the history of the club and became the best team in all Kibera.

Then, we finished on top again in 2015 season.  We were then the only team in the history of all Kibera to play in Nationwide Div1.

In 2016 again, we were CHAMPIONS!!! and were promoted in National Super League.

= 3 promotions in 3 years. What a great record for a small community team in a slum! for the first time of the history of the slum. We became the pride of Kibera.

After a difficult start in the NSL (second tier) in 2017 since beginning, our young boys improved a lot and finished at 10th on the standings. Not bad at all for the first year at this level!

We organised the 2018 kickoff day on 4th February 2018 with frienly games (partners, Slum Soka, Kibra Combined) + visit of the future site of the mutipurpose courtyard / clubhouse. It was a success. Thanks to all!

- Our French courses and our success story broadcast again on francophone famous channel on TV5 Monde: on  6th  May 2017:

- Nice documentary about our club inside the very popular local SOKA Magazine in April 2017:  (page 16)

- A very interesting short documentary made by French AFP for the the popular continental channel TV5 monde then on many international media: (from 16' min)

- Some KBS members were invited twice in 8 days in the famous show "Monday football" on Citizen Tv at the end of June 2016: What a nice exposure. Let's shine together!

 See the show on (from 14'30" then from 40'46")

- KBS won 1-0 on May 22 against a strong Savannah cement team: there was a lot of tension but our boys were able to keep the lead up to end: well done! KBS is now the new LEADER of the league: Bravooooo!!!!

- KBS started the 2016 season on a very good manner by winning the 1st game 2-1 away in Githugunri on April 3 against a strong team of Green Berets. It was not easy on a bumpy slippery field. Well done! But the league will be tough this year...

- A journalist, Placido Berci, from the biggest Brazilian TV Globo shot a nice documentary about Kibera Black Stars on 27th February: What a great honour for our players living in a slum!

- What a wonderful day on saturday 13 February 2016: meeting with the youth of Slum Soka at Isaac pitch in the heart of the slum, U11 boys then girls games at Woodley as curtain risers before the gala match KBS vs. Savannah Cement, with the presence of the MP of Kibra, Ken Okoth, and the Ambassador of France, Rémi Maréchaux, dlegations of the French Embassy, French school, Comité de la Francophonie, our sponsors Safaricom and DSA, many guests and a large number of the Kibera community. Thanks to all and bravo!

- KBS did very well at the pre-season tournament at Kenyatta University from Februray 3 to 6th 2016. We finished unbeaten despite the participation of some KPL teams: Very positive!

- KBS finished the 2015  League on a high note by winning 3-0 against Isiolo at home. Congratulations to the players, technical staff, board members, fans for this wonderful season! Black Stars, the pride of Kibera.

- After their win 1-0 today Saturday 6 December 2015 against a good team of Mwatate, our guys are crowned CHAMPIONS of the National League for the 1st time of the history of Kibera. We are all proud of u guys! Our players were so happy to wear their new sport kits "Je suis Paris / I am Garissa". They are giving this great performance to all the victims of terrorists attacks all around the world. Yes, Kenya and France united in Kibera for the same fight.

- Our players wake up at the right time on Sunday october 25 at home by beating 3-0 a strong team Tiki (number 2 on the table). KBS has now 10 points ahead on top of the National League, bravo!

- KBS players and officials went to Kenyatta Hospital to visit some patients suffering from cancers on Friday 11 September 2015. They brought food, toys and other small items that gave smile in the face of some young people. What another nice action of Solidarity and love from people in Kibera!!!

- The U13 team of Slum Soka reached the quarter final of the East Africa tournament in Ligi Ndodo field in the last week end of August 2015: Well done, the future stars are coming up!

-A big round of applauds for our players who fought well and won 1 nil away in Hope centre on Saturday 22 August 2015. The game was difficult and very tactical. We  are on top of the League at the end of the 1st leg with only 1 lose in 19 matches.What a great performance for a young team who has just been promoted!

- After some matches in Nationale League, our young players have already achieved a lot by leading the table: Well done guys!  In order to  do even better, they have to learn how to hold the result till the final blow or to score more goals during the game to be safer. They also need to improve the finishing because there are still so many chances missed. We must concede less silly goals as well, we need to be more careful to avoid losing easy points against average time in order to stay on top....

 - Black stars players and officials decided to make another great solidarity action towards the community in the slum on Friday April 10 2014 lthrough the purchase and the  distribution of food and other necessary things to less privileged people: well done, we are proud of u once more!

- The most famous Sport Magazine in France "L'Equipe" with the international reporter JC Collin and the well known photographer , Julian Goldstein, made a 10 pages article about our club on April 4 2015.

See this very interesting article (in French language) on

- The launching in Kenya of the documentary "Black Stars in Kibera" by Luis Nachbin was a great success in Alliance Française on Monday March 16. The MP of Kibera, Ken Okoth encouraged our members at this occasion.

- Despite our defeats against Premier league teams, 4-1 against Mathare Utd, 3-0 against the 2014 champions of Kenya, the giants Gor Mahia, then 2-0 against KCB, the moral of our boys is high. before the beginning of the 2015 league. They proved it by beating 4-1 the long established team in Nationwide, Savanah Cement, then 5-0 against Makarios boys (Provincial). We definitely have to work on our concentration  to avoid conceding too many goals from set pieces and improve our finishing... Keep it up guys!

- Our young players missed the final of the Nairobi Mini League organised at the end of October 2014 with just one goal conceded at the 94th minute. They were put down with their lack of experience. So sad but this a cruel law of football. Whatever, it can't make us forget the very greatseason we all spent together: bravo KBS!

- During this month of June 2014, some very interesting projects outside the football field were organised with our kids from Kibera: They were invited at one lively bazaar at the French school where they played some games, won some prizes, did some acrobatics, showed what  it is going on in Kibera and sold some arts items. They visited an orphanage where they offered some toys and clothes to some even less privileged, what a great action of solidarity from those kids! They launched a book that they made with some students of that same French school (a wonderful achievement!) and played a small football tournament. Yes those children are so talented!

- The coaches of Kibera attended a week of training courses in May 2014. They were all proud to receive their CAF level C coaching certificate. We are sure that all the advice will be visible on the different pitches of the area.

- Some students and some parents of the French school of Nairobi spent a very pleasant afternoon with the youth of Slum Soka and players / officials of KBS, on Isaac's pitch, deep inside the slum on Saturday 26th of April 2014. This first visit was a very warm event and allowed interesting exchanges. We are sure that some tight links will be gradually strengthened between the  two different organisations and will lead to some very nice initiatives of development towards the community of Kianda...

- The U11 and U13 of the Slum Soka club visited  the same age students at the French school to play 2 friendly indoor matches and showed their talent to all the people present and in front of the Brazilian TV. What a very nice event! Our boys were so excited on this Sunday 13 April 2014.

- The league started on Saturday 15th March 2014: Our Boys won 2-1 away at the Dandora stadium against strong Dandora All stars in front of the officials of the Federation (who chose our club to be part of the launching ceremony, what a great honour!) and so many excited fans. Nice start, let's keep it up!

- 1st victory for the youths of Slum Soka team on Sunday 23rd March in the U13 Kibra league: Well done boys and keep the morale up! You will succeed! This youth league is on every Sundays at the field of the TOI primary school...

- On Friday 7th March 2014, we offered some boots to our partnered youths , the U13 team of Slum Soka during a small ceremony in their field. Some officials and players of Black Stars attended it. It was a  great sign of cooperation!

- A clean-up was organized in the morning by some our fans in the main street. It was followed by a meeeting where the patron Luc explained his objectives with the club to the supporters of the area.

- On february 13th 2014, a training about nutrition and first aid was offered in the club house by our friend, Jonas, a doctor from Denmark.

Slum Soka Kids reading the book they made with some students of the French school

Purchasing of 31 boots at Gikomba market

An indoor frienldy match at the French school: what a wonderful event!

The Kibera Black Stars are offering boots to the youths of Slum soccer




A winning team, a success story, the pride of all a community!!!!




KBS live on Citizen TV. The stars are shining in the media!

All proud of the winning team, on top of the National Super League now!

Some great actions of solidarity by our players (here with young patients suffering from cancers)

Our boys always focused very seriously, here at the gym

The Ambassador of France visited Isaac's pitch and said in a perfect swahili:
"If KBS has 10,000 fans, you can now say that you have 10,000 +1!"

Our captain Essien presenting our players to the Nairobi deputy governor

The Ambassador of France discussing with the Slum Soka at one bazaar in the French school

Kids from Kibera offering some toys to even less privileged children at an orphanage

Visit of some pupils of the French school at Isaac's pitch deep inside the slum

Shooting of a documentary for a Brazilian TV by the journalist Luis Nachbin

The coaches of Kibera got their CAF level C coaching certificate