Kibera Black Stars FC is the flag bearer of one of the biggest slums in Kenya, creating a positive impact in the community around its sport success.

We have a lot of  projects in mind. Our actions in Kibera will be done in different steps and depending on the available resources. We hope that the coming of new sponsors will boost all the activities towards the community:

Restructuration of the teams

 The senior team needs to be run in a more professionalized way. Due to the lack of funds, the quality of the sport kits has been poor and the quantity limited. Then, the officials of the clubs have been running to find funds among the community before any coming event (ex: transport for the next away match). The fans are doing their best, big thanks to them, but this situation cannot last. With the help of some sponsors, these weak points can be changed and the officials can plan more ahead. The welfare of the players and officials can be quite improved to encourage them to excel in sports. If the 1st team is run properly and and obtain good results on the field, it can act as a real locomotive / a motor for the other teams.

The sport educators need to receive some coaching courses to be able to improve their skills on the field.

After the promotion into Nationwide level, the purchase of a vehicle to play the away matches in other regions will become necessary.

Of course, even if at the beginning, the priority will be given to the seniors, the younger members in Slum Soka will never be neglected. They will continue to receive a great attention, especially through nice quality  sport kits to play football in good conditions. We have to be put in place a real program towards youth. Indeed, they are the future Black Stars. In fact, we always give priority to the younger players even in the senior team.

The search of other financial means will be necessary:

 Sponsoring by some companies and banks in Kenya, sharing our core values (hard work, discipline, respect, solidarity and ethics) ready to join us on a long term basis to make all our projects sustainable,
 Partnership with a sport supplier,
 Partnership with a club in Europe for a training programme then for a logistic, material and financial support,
 Subventions from different institutions (embassies, FIFA, European Union …).

On a win win process, we can offer our partners a large visibility on our sport kits, on the body of our bus all around the country, via media coverage locally and internationally, and during some important events (launching of a professional documentary, exhibition matches, through many educational and cultural projects...

We can in fact represent a worthy flag bearer of the Corporate Social Responsibility of our partners.

It is also necessary to convince the Nairobi City Council to improve the sport facilities around Kibera area.

A sustainable  development

1.      Partner ships with a health centre and a school:

In order to provide a better health care to our members, we have to choose a well recognized clinic established in Kibera. This health centre will be tightly linked with our club. Our members will be registered there with a proper medical file and cards. In this way, they will be fit to play football and go to school. The nurses can also give advice to the players about a better hygiene at home, nutritional adjustments, prevention of some diseases (water, malaria, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual transmitted diseases, HIV aids...)

Then, we need to choose a school in the area for many of our younger members to be enrolled there and further their education in a good environment. They will be able to pay cheaper fees in that school because they can play football competitions for the school as well and help the school to get good results on the field. This partnership could be an interesting base for our future sports academy.

 Renovation of the tiny Isaac's pitch

The small play ground  used by the youth of Slum Soka to perform different activities (soccer of course, but also tennis, karate, acrobatic gymnastics...) located deep inside the slum becomes very rocky due to the lack of drainage. The soil has been washed away especially in the rainy season. A solution has to be quickly found. We fixed a 4 meter field around the pitch but the consolidation of the mud walls around the pitch has to be done as well.

 Creation of a real KBS club house and a real multi purpose hall 

The present tiny club house is already a central spot in the social life of the slum. Many people gather there. But it is not so convenient. It will be interesting to build a multi purpose hall that can be used as a club house (office, meeting place, video show room...) This place could be also used by the youths of the area as a meeting hall, a playing space, a room to do the  home works after school, class rooms for various courses (refreshing English, French classes),  a community library, a small art gallery...

But it can also bring some income to the club if we can provide a TV and a satellite dish inside. The fans can pay a moderate fee to watch the matches. Non members will pay the normal price used in the commercial places around. Then, the coach can use the recorded matches to speak about tactics. We can also fix some computers (with internet  / printers) and use the place as a small cyber cafe. We can put some games such as table tennis, snooker, baby foot… in the garden to make the place even livelier. We can also attach a small bar.

Some income generating activities

In order to bring more income to the club, to keep busy some of our members outside the field and after school, then to provide some cheaper services to the community of the area, some micro projects can be put in place little by little.

These projects will begin through some loans to our members. They will be able to buy some equipment and start the activities. The members will then refund gradually the borrowed sums. Then the money recovered can be used to help other members and start new activities…

Some ideas have already been raised up: movie hall, internet cafe, car wash, tanks to distribute water in the community, public toilets / washrooms, cleans up of the streets, farming and poultry, small shope (clothes, sport items, grocery etc), moto taxis...

Our partner, Kianda Women Association could also use a part of the hall to sow some clothes, offering the opportunity to get regular incomes and improve their lives.

A partnership with foreign sport institutions and private clubs

These foreign partners can invite our best players to receive a training course abroad for a short period when they can be on trial as well, or to take part of an international youth tournament to be more exposed. The officials of these clubs can also come and screen some very young talents. They will help them to progress in better conditions here in Kenya before some of them could get the opportunity to play there in the future if these players have reached the necessary level.

One thing has to be clear: The priority of the club is not to send his most talented members outside and sell them any how but rather to give them the tools to succeed in their own country in better conditions. But we have to keep in mind that it is not possible to prevent them to excel, be exposed and may be caught in dirty hands of some bad agents.

A clean partnership with a private club can protect them by offering a good and safe opportunity to further their football career. This partner  club will in fact have the priority to recruit them for a moderate fee.

These lucky players could also get a much better income for them and their families. It would be thus a great achievement in sports as well as a huge social improvement, especially for young people coming from poor areas
Then, the foreign clubs can invest more money in Kibera Black stars and help  the club to improve its structures, develop more other activities outside the fied and cover all its expenses. In fact, these lucky players help indirectly his former team mates in Nigeria…

We will also try to improve the training of the local sport educators, through some courses under the responsibility of foreign confirmed experts. 2 ways will be explored: one via the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs that can send instructors here and another one via private clubs in Europe, who could  invite some of the local coaches abroad, by providing a more professional approach of high level sports and insisting in the grassroots development.

Exposing the club and attract partners that share the same core values to find the necessary funds for our participation in the different leagues and sustain our various projects. Here with the Kibera MP...

Kibera Black Stars / Slum Soka, a model to be followed for many young people...

A success in sports... A social development...

A success in sports... A better future... Yes, Moses, keep it up!!!

A Sport academy, our ultimate goal

In a near future, some tighter links could be developed with the Kenyan Ministry of Education, by creating a sport academy attached to a school, with an adapted timetable for training sessions and matches. The local education authorities would be in charge of the application of the school program and the recruitment of the teachers.

The Football Kenya Federation would supervise the sport side and would provide the coaches to the centre. The Black Stars would be responsible of facilitating the training sessions.

The French government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could assist with the French courses included in the school program of the students. It could provide equipment and qualified staff specialized in this kind of sport and study infrastructure.

Some institutions (FIFA, European Union…) and corporate bodies (companies, banks and other private donors) could be also involved by providing equipment or financial resources and associate their image with this great and ambitious project.

The different courses offered could display the dynamics of football as a motivation for learning. The courses would take place, first, inside the premises of an existing school,  where some special sport sections will be added.

Then, the building of a real multi sports Academy could be developed.

The Kibera Black Stars Football Club and his sister Slum Soka could be attached to this centre and could enable the students play in the different official competitions. This opportunity could be a mean of evaluating their performances in sports…

This project can be explored in the future as a means of developing cooperation between France and Kenya in the field of education and sports.

In fact, this Football Academy in Kibera could be a kind of final achievement for the different projects that have been gradually organized inside the Black Stars since the beginning in the field of sports, social development, health and education...

What a great adventure ahead for all these youths from one of the biggest slums in Africa!!!