A good example of a social development through sports...

  Sport :

o   Participation of the 6 teams in the official competitions, with better sport kits,

o   Formation of the sport educators,

o   Trainings adapted to the different categories of players,

o   Organizing a real youth policy by giving the priority to the youngest players, even in the senior team,

o   Creation of a sport academy in the future, 

  Social development:

o   Locating the club and the social address in a popular area,

o   Building of a future multi purpose hall for the community,

o   Individual accompaniment of the social evolution of identified beneficiaries, using sport as a social pad,

o   Distributing training and match allowances that can help the families at home,

o   Preparation to a professional recondition,

o   Creation of micro development projects for the families of the area, 

o   Organizing income generating activities to improve the living conditions of our members,

  Medical :

o   Access to medical treatment,

o   Personal medical accompaniment, gym sessions

o   Sensitization to issues around hygiene and health 

  Education :

o   Access to a proper education for the members of the club,

o   Tutoring, various courses, different workshops

o   Learning of a foreign language: French,

Some activities in a poor environment...

The clubhouse, the health centre and the training fields are located in a popular area Kibera one of the biggest slums in Africa.
In fact, football is a very nice way to improve the conditions of life of many people
- T
he members of the club of course, but also their families who benefit from the income of the players. Such funds are used by families to settle the accommodation expenses and to assist the younger ones in their education.
- The supporters take also advantage from the dynamics generated around the club in a socially under favoured, difficult and low motivating environment.
- The community around is also proud that the image of Kibera has improved tremendously through the success of some associations like ours. Indeed, the place was known before for the insecurity, the violence and the criminals Now, the place is also recognized for its football team Black stars, a model to be followed by many young people living all around.
By removing the teenagers from the streets, sport is also providing an alternative for these young people to the negatives influences (lack of activity, joblessness, violence, drugs) found in this kind of sensible areas.
The different allowances and match bonuses enable the players to get legitimate income other than the illegal ones they get from theft, sale of drugs, or prostitution. Small loans are considered to be given to members to enable them start small projects that can help generate further income.
And finally ,
by giving them a project in their life ,sports keeps them away from any religious or ethnical integrism.
In fact, Buffalo gathers people from different cultures and different religions around a common project.

          For a better health...

At the beginning of the history of the club, many of our players used to miss trainings due to weakness of the body and different sickness.
It's  the reason why we decided to partner with a small clinic
where the players and the staff can receive basic treatment.
The qualified nurse there gives them also some advice to improve their feeding and how to prevent themselves from some diseases, like HIV AIDS. One of our fans, Jonas who is a future doctor in Denmark offered recently a training on nutrition and first aid in our club house as well.
By extension, from mouths to ears, all their family at home benefit definitely from this teaching.
When somebody is more seriously affected, we prefer to send him to hospital to receive better treatment and the club takes care of the bill.

Some real actions of development can also be engaged for the community, like the repair of the gutters, the distribution of  water and the collect of the waste. An assistance to the local associations can be targeted as well...

        For a better education

In addition to the above, we are also dealing with furthering the education of our members by helping them to settle their school fees or by providing various courses for the ones who are not able to read / write properly in English. We will also give them an opportunity to learn another language through various French courses.

The different allowances, match bonuses and loans can help our players to resume and finance themselves theirs studies or can help the elder to attend some professional skills acquisition programs.
These funds can also help them to
open a small workshop where they can get some income  that give them a chance to be more independent and to assist their family. 

The elaboration of a website and a facebook page enable the members of the club to improve the relations with the supporters especially the more remote ones, to spread a better promotion of the activities of the Club and to exchange some information in a bilingual way with other countries. Again, this website allows these young people to exist over the borders of Nairobi / Kenya and familiarizes them with computer sciences. The ultimate target is that the members are able to update themselves a part of the website / Facebook page...


The development of the community is our concern

Our players distribute food and other necessary stuff to less privileged people in the slum

Cleaning up of the streets by our fans

Nutrition and 1st aid training with Jonas, a doctor from Denmark

Children in a class of a community primary school

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