A winning team, a success story in a slum, many actions of solidarity

Beyond the sporting achievement, the main idea around our project in Kibera is to use football as a trigger to increase
social integration and raise awareness towards self-responsibility. By connecting, through various actions, sports and
social matters, as well as the health and education sectors,
football can be a great way of improving the life of these
young people
and their families 
in a deprived environment.

Sports offer, through solidarity, a positive alternative to idleness and passivity, thus keeping urban youth off the
streets and creating the possibility of a better future.

As a community organization, it has been operating thanks to the contributions made by local fans, who are far from rolling in money. Our patron, Luc, has also been giving his time and his personal money to lift up the team since he came on bord in 2014.

In order to develop an action plan and set specific and measurable goals, one of the major challenges the club faces is accessing direct exposure  and getting contact with companies and potential sponsors who might be interested in a partnership and joining forces in such an ambitious and promising project.

In fact, this is where we need your help.

A similar project was made in Nigeria around the club Buffalo FC. It took  a small team from the low competitions in a township of Kano up to the Premiere League in Abuja, with so many impacts on the life of this youth. This success attracted the attention of some major companies.  It encouraged their management to build a long term partnership between our football club and these companies, closely involved in the social life of the country where they are established.

If these young people from Kibera could follow in their Nigerian counterparts’ footsteps and become as successful, this experience, with your help, would be another great human adventure in one of the biggest slums in Africa...

If you (individuals or companies) want to be part of this great project, don't hesitate to contact us!

We are creating opportunities where our partners can get a larger visibility: league matches broadcast live on TV, banners around the fields, logos on a winning team, bright image of fair players, ads on the bus body running countrywide, exhibition matchs, campaigns in the slum, many documentaries, various educational and cultural projects, art exhibitions, many documentaries on local and international media,;

Through our shared core values and our different projects in the slum around social, health, education, professional training, job opportunities, our club can showcase a good image of our partners deeply involved in actions for community development.

 We can also provide human resources for promoting, marketing, supplying, selling your products. Kibera is a huge market of more than 300,000 people!

Our club exposed to the large public of Alliance Française of Nairobi with the Ambassador of France


a good example of the Social Corporate Responsibility of our partners

Join a winning team, a team that is shining in the media



All proud to be from Kibera!

KBS players
live on Citizen TV. The stars are shining in the media

Our partners associated with our players during solidarity actions in the slum, here a food distribution

Safaricom was interested in our projects and joined us in 2015

United, disciplined and successful  with Safaricom

A great company locally and internationally recognized has decided to be associated with our club
Why not you?

Our players so honoured and proud to be sponsored by Safaricom


Slum Soka, its not only about football
but also karate, tennis, acrobatics... so many activities
for boys and girls from 6 to 17 years old very focused!

Beyond sports, we have been organizing other programs
around culture, education, arts...
In fact, many useful things for  these future shining stars

You too can bring your small stone to this wonderful
human adventure, karibu!

The future stars of Kibera are shining too...