2018 - 2019 season

KBS matches in 2018 /2019 short season

The very short 2018/19 season started in December 2018 and ended in June 2019. It was made to catch up with the European calendars.

It was the most difficult period for KBS. The team struggled all along after the departure of our key players attracted in greener pastures and the troubles caused by some fans who forced our head coach to resign. Hopefully, the team managed to escape relegation. Why this crisis?

The club may have risen too quickly. Many things have not followed the same pace. We really need to improve our facilities (better training field and a real office for example), put more competent on board (after organizing proper registration of members and elections), widen and strengthen the fan base (in all Kibera and not only some parts of Kianda village), and mostly get more resources and more partners (to increase the welfare and keep our best young players for longer time) etc...

But despite our numerous challenges, we don’t forget our great goal = The Kenyan Premiere League !!!

Kick off of the next season = September 2019

The 2018.19 NSL season

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